Project Structure

The D-BOX project is highly multidisciplinary in activities and structure. It covers and combines virtually the whole range of research and development from technological sciences to social sciences. Simultaneously, the project spans the whole range from applied scientific research to pure practical applications and activities. All these highly specialized fields of activity are brought together in an integrated and coordinated effort to design and refine a comprehensive toolbox of functions and sub functions which will be developed in the project.


The D-BOX project has been divided into the following components:

  • Scenarios and users needs assessment will identify and describe the typical situation of demining work, with a focus on existing tools suitability assessment.
  • Human and ethical support will assess the ethical impact of deployment of new technologies in order to take into account the hearts and minds of the population being protected as well as the operators and to consider ethical issues during the design stage.
  • Toolbox development and integration will develop the decentralized toolbox concept and requirements delivered from “Scenarios and users need assessment’’ into a toolbox with actual physical components.
  • Mapping and detection tools will provide existing and emerging tools for the demining toolbox designed in “Toolbox development and integration”, i.e., approaches, methods and corresponding procedures for hazard zones mapping, landmine and cluster munitions detection and quality assurance.
  • Risk-aware disposal, neutralization protection and training will supplyinformation about hazard sources, disposal and neutralization options, personal protective equipment (PPE) and hazard zones.
  • Validation and evaluation of technical solutions will organise two demonstrations integrating and validating in realistic environment the outcome of the project.
  • Dissemination and exploitation is the efficient and effective coordination of the external communication of the project, the dissemination and exploitation of project results as well as the incorporation of external stakeholders into the project efforts.