The Astrium Division unites the full range of competencies within the EADS Group in the fields of launchers and manned spaceflight, satellites and ground systems as well as civil and military satellite based services. EADS is the European market leader in space technology and Number 3 worldwide. The Division, led by its CEO François Auque, employs a workforce of 11,000 in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Its activities are organized in its three main subsidiaries: Astrium Space Transportation, for launchers and manned spaceflight, Astrium Satellites for satellites and ground systems and Astrium Services providing commercial and military satellite based services.

Astrium Space Transportation is Europe's space transportation and manned space activity specialist. As industrial architect and/or prime contractor for space programs (Ariane 5, ATV, Columbus), ASTRIUM-ST possesses a know-how that is unique in Europe. These roles involve bringing together and organizing all the different skills required to design and to develop complex programmes, as well as advanced project studies.


Activities in D-BOX 

Astrium will the project coordinator of the D-BOX project and the work-package leader of the WP1 and WP4. Astrium main’s role will be to contribute in the integration of the Toolbox especially into a common gateway allowing service providers and users to easily access to data and added value products used and developed during the project. Astrium has recently been or is currently involved in several large European projects dealing with security aspects. Astrium has extensive expertise in technologies (sensors, laser system …) which are vital to ensure that the security systems are fully effective. These integrated solutions provide not only the system aspect (space and ground segments) but also on one side the services element, covering areas such as mapping and communication