The D-BOX consortium consists of 20 partners from 10 countries (France, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Finland) and is coordinated by Astrium SAS.

There are five Universities (CNIT, DUT, SUR, and ULEIC), six research institutes (FOI, Fraunhofer, MRX, RLS, TNO, VTT), one end user (BACTEC), one SME (CBRNE), seven industrial concerns (AST, APL, IT, SELEX, SIH, TPZ, E-geos) and the final partner is the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

This gathers European partners that have recognised and complementary skills in:

  • Mine clearance activities
  • System integration
  • GIS
  • Tools and systems for mapping of hazard zone and detection of mines including platforms sensors and data fusion
  • Decision tools and planning
  • Explosive risk assessment
  • Protection
  • Education and training
  • Human sciences and legal framework
  • Large scale demonstrations

To cover all the necessary competences and to answer to every aspect of the D-BOX the end-user group and the technologies supplier group were defined. The participation of end-user group will enable the continuous evaluation of results from the work done during the D-BOX project, and the technology supplier group could supply technology for the toolbox which cannot be provided by the partners of the consortium.

The knowledge of the partners, the end-users and technologies providers of the mine clearance and their technological expertise, will provide the required inputs to develop an efficient, easy to use and affordable toolbox for humanitarian clearance of large area.


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