CBRNE Ltd addresses ethics, human behaviour, human factors and risk perception which have an overarching influence on so much of what we do. Human factors encapsulate human behaviour, psychology, industrial design, engineering, anthropometry (ergonomics) and systems integration - it concerns the design of objects, systems and environments that humans use. Ethical behaviour inspires productivity, stakeholder relationships, corporate social responsibility and shareholder value.


Activities in D-BOX 

CBRNE Ltd will deliver tools for the Tool Box including an Aid Memoire which will include an analysis of ethical and human behaviour prior to, during and post clearances, a Best Practice Matrix with reviews of existing de-mining projects, an Ethical Impact Assessment leading to an Ethical Behaviours Protocol for demining operatives and managers and Situational Awareness Guidelines for training and educating civil operators which will include consideration of man/machine interfaces, development of scenario planning and guidance for operators. CBRNE Ltd will be providing a Table Top Exercise for check lists and flowcharts addressing human behaviour and ethics to support WP7 in its In-field Demonstrations.

As WP3 Lead CBRNE Ltd will be coordinating with its partners in WP3 a Cultural Guidelines Document, Error Reduction Methodology (BACTEC), Legal and Governance Issues for (i) comparing standards, (ii) new technologies, (iii) privacy and data protection, (iv) the running of an in-field demonstration (CBRNE Ltd and APL), (v) a CEN Workshop Agreement (SUR) and (vi) the ethical and legal aspects of the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) (FhG-INT).