CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) is a non-profit Association, currently joining 37 major Italian Universities, whose main purpose is to foster research activity and provide networking support to specific projects in the area of telecommunications. The main research issues on which CNIT conducts its activity are connected with the following areas: Mobile and Optical communications, Communications via satellite and radio-links, Digital signal processing, Telecommunications networks, Telematics, Remote sensing and radar, Television, Information Theory, Multimedia Communications, Telecommunications security, Electromagnetic compatibility, Optical and microwave components and circuits, Electromagnetic diagnostic, Environmental impact of telecommunications systems, and Propagation and antennae. The operating structure of CNIT is based on Research Units (RU) and National Laboratories (NL). Research Units are composed of University professors and. University professors and researchers who have joined CNIT RUs nationwide are 450, whilst added CNIT personnel totals 18 researchers, 17 research scholars, and over 70 external collaborators. National Laboratories are research structures of larger dimension, operated directly by CNIT through its own research and administrative personnel. CNIT personnel for NLs is 20 permanent employees.