FOI is one of Europe’s leading research institutes for applied research in the areas of defence and security. We carry out security policy analyses and assessments of various types of threat. We are leaders in underwater research and research into explosive substances. We also carry out research relating to aero systems and IT security, radars, lasers and other sensor systems as well as protection against hazardous substances.

Activities in D-BOX 

FOI will contribute to the design of the information management system and data and information fusion system in WP4. In particular, requirements for fusion of heterogeneous data from both humans and sensors.

In WP 5 FOI will contribute with sensor equipment, such as IR cameras and hyperspectral imager, for long range hazard zone localization. For short range detection, FOI will contribute with passive sensors and laser radar. Also signal processing detection algorithms for these sensors as well as sensor and information fusion.

In WP 6 FOI will contribute with descriptions and test methods for personal protective equipment. FOI will also contribute with new efficient methods for training of mine detection dogs.

FOI will also participate in demonstrations and reporting and publication.