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Invitation for D-BOX Stakeholder Workshop and Initial Field Demonstration! | 21-22 May 2015, Szczytno, Poland|2015-05-21

The D-BOX project invites all interested parties to join the

D-BOX DEVELOPMENTS: STAKEHOLDER WORKSHOP AND DEMONSTRATION OF TOOLBOX V1 which will take place on 21–22 May 2015 in Szczytno, Poland.

This will be a two-day event combining demonstration and workshop session on the scenarios and use of the D-BOX toolbox and tools.

During the first day participants will take part in the demonstration of the project Toolbox and Tools. The demonstration will take place at the training grounds of the Police Academy in Szczytno and will be a chance to learn more about the project intermediate results and employ solutions forming Toolbox v1. The demonstration part will start on 21st May early in the morning and it is recommended to come to Szczytno on Wednesday 20th May evening (on 20 May Astri Polska will provide a bus shuttle from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Police Academy in Szczytno)

The second day will be the workshop session focused on the usefulness of the presented solutions for the humanitarian demining activities. The recommendations formulated at the event will be vital for further developments of the D-BOX Toolbox V2, which will be again validated at the second demonstration & workshop organized at the beginning of 2016 in Italy.

The stakeholder workshop is one of the series of workshops organized within the D-BOX project.

The working language of the workshop will be English. Attendance to the demonstration  and to the workshop is free of charge.

D-BOX project offers also a number of bursaries to assist with travel costs. For more information about available bursaries, please contact Monika Banaszek-Cymerman (monika.banaszek@astripolska(dot)pl).


For more information, check the event website: http://workshop1.d-boxproject.eu/

About the D-BOX project visit: https://d-boxproject.eu/

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