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Project D-BOX Ethical Workshop 24th and 25th September 2013|2013-10-14

Project D-BOX WP3 (Human and Ethical Support) held a two day workshop in London on 24th and 25th September 2013 and invited as a guest of honour Habbouba Aoun of Balamand University in Lebanon. Habbouba gave a vivid description of life in Lebanon from the perspective of mine victims and the organisations trying to help them.  A detailed resume of her presentation is available from the notes to the meeting which Dominic Kelly would be happy to provide (contact form).

There then followed presentations from Julie Marshall (CBRNE Ltd) in relation to the Aide Memoire during which the structure of the Tool was discussed and it was agreed that the Deliverable would have one or two “Apps” for de-mining management teams to access digitally whilst both in the field or in their offices.  Stewart Grainger(BACTEC) and Dave Usher (CBRNE Ltd) then presented their proposal for the basic structure of the D3.2 Cultural Guidelines Tool and collected data from personnel in the room with the necessary knowledge and experience, namely Stewart Grainger and Guy Lucas (BACTEC) and of course Habbouba Aoun.  This collection of data is on-going.

Irina Stanciugelu,  Mark Landale, (CBRNE Ltd) and Aleksandra Gryguc and Radoslaw Trawinski (Astri Polska) provided their proposals for the delivery of WP3.4 Protocols to cover ethical issues during exercises, WP3.5 Legal and Governance issues and WP3.7 regarding issues relating to infield demonstrations respectively.

Professor Rosalind Malcolm from the University of Surrey briefed the meeting on her proposals for CEN Workshop Agreement and we discussed the merits and benefits of working with FP7 Project TIRAMISU in order to provide the EU Commission with a joined up Agreement encapsulating standards identified in both projects which might have dual or overlapping interests.

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