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FP7-EU Project D-BOX increases its awareness with the End Users Workshop | 8 October 2014, Dartford|2014-10-09

D-BOX project aims at humanitarian clearing of large civilian areas from anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions through the development of innovative solutions integrated in a comprehensive Toolbox. This ‘smart’ Toolbox is going to provide demining stakeholders with the best tools, methods and procedures to be used during the different steps of the demining activities. End Users from mainly United Kingdom, among which were deminers, decision makers and researchers, have been briefed on D-BOX and the benefits of D-BOX innovative solutions.

On 8th October 2014, at BACTEC International Limited, Dartford in United Kingdom, D-BOX project Partners  shared  their objectives with the End User Panel and discussed the solutions that D-BOX can offer to the demining community.

The one-day workshop  dedicated the morning to the introduction of the D-BOX concept and the presentation of the Tools, while the afternoon was used to familiarise End Users with the  planned demonstrations and the proposed process for evaluation of the project results with special focus on the tools. The ‘Initial full-scale demining demonstration’ is to be held in May 2015 in Szczytno (Poland) and the ‘Final full-scale demonstration’ in early 2016 in Naples (Italy).  The latter has been put back so as not to clash with the Project TIRAMISU demonstration at the end of 2015.

The following tools have been discussed between Project Partners and End Users:

  • Aide Mémoire,
  • Cultural Guidelines,
  • Error Reduction Methodology,
  • Long and Short Range Sensors,
  • Neutralisation & Risk Management Tools,
  • The D-BOX System

These Tools and the Toolbox itself will be  evaluated and validated by the Members of D-BOX End User Platform, who were present at the End User Workshop, during the two upcoming demonstrations in 2015/16.

D-BOX is now finalizing the first version of the Toolbox which will be shared with the End Users in the first half of 2015. The comments and feedback from End Users will be collected at the different stages of the Toolbox development in order to progress the integration of the relevant, easy to use and inexpensive Tools, which will provide real value to the humanitarian demining community.

Workshop organisers would like to thank all the attendees for attending and participating so actively in the workshop. Their feedback has significantly contributed to the development of the D-BOX project.  

For more information, please contact us.

Piztures from the meeting can be dfound in gallery

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