Infoterra is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium UK, specializing in the application and management of geospatial information and providing a service from collection through processing and analysis to hosting and dissemination, Core competencies include the acquisition and processing of data from both aerial and satellite platforms through a variety of sensors including optical, hyperspectral, thermal, and LiDAR.

Infoterra has over 300 highly skilled staff in the UK, 60% holding graduate and post graduate qualifications/research experience, and including experts in GIS, environmental monitoring and management, agriculture, forestry, cartography (digital mapping), military mapping, data management, telecommunications and geological exploration. Infoterra employees have a wealth of expertise relating to the management of geographic data and geospatial standards, and in the practical use of GIS software, including software design and development, data, web delivery and data hosting underpinned by strategic/development consultancy skills, which have been instrumental in designing innovative solutions for some of the most complex geospatial requirements. Infoterra is leading the ESA study “Space Assets for De-mining Assistance”.


Activities in D-BOX 

Infoterra will contribute to work packages 2.2 “Survey of Practices and Existing Tools” and 2.3 “Evaluation of Users needs and Tools Requirements” by using our prior work on the ESA study to provide input into the scenarios and user needs. We will also carry out a small amount of work in work package 7.3 “Evaluation and Recommendation for Future Work” and in 8.1 “Preparation of Dissemination Program”. Our primary role in this project is in work package 4.2 “Requirements for the Toolbox Elements” which we are leading and will involve a robust methodology to detail the tools requirements.

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