Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defence systems, aerospace, data, infrastructures, land security and protection and sustainable ’smart’ solutions. From the design, development and production of state-of-the-art equipment, software and systems to through life support, Selex ES partners with its customers to deliver the information superiority required to act decisively, complete missions and maintain security and protection for operational effectiveness.

Selex ES provides C4ISTAR systems, integrated products and solutions for airborne, land and naval applications delivering mission critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance based on proprietary radar and electro-optic sensors, avionics, electronic warfare, communication, space sensors and UAV solutions.

Selex ES also owns advanced technologies, products and capabilities in the design, manufacture and integration of air and maritime traffic control and management systems, the monitoring and protection of green and blue borders, secure communication networks and the deployment of ’smart’ solutions for managing systems and infrastructures.

Building on the complementary strengths and skills of our constituents, Selex ES is an integrated global business with a workforce of approximately 17,900 and total revenues in excess of €3.5 billion.

Alongside our core domestic operations in Italy and the UK, the company has an established industrial and commercial footprint in the United States, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and India.


Activities in D-BOX 

Selex ES will be WP5 leader and the Technical Coordinate of the D-BOX project and will contribute to the development of an integrated landmine mapping, detection and localization systems; in particular, its effort will be concentrated in the WPs concerning the development and integration of available sensors, data fusion, data management, and the set-up of the experimental system prototype. Innovative solutions, sensors, and data processing techniques will be also developed under the supervision of Selex ES Technical Coordination. A contribution to the Project Coordinator to the development of the overall D-BOX toolbox architectures will be also given.

WPs on main interest are: WP1(for the technical coordination), WP2 (for the scenarios identification),

WP4 (for the identification of innovative tools), WP5 (for mapping and landmine detection), WP7 (for the final on field exercise).