TERRA SPATIUM SA (former Spot Infoterra Hellas SA & Geomet Ltd., established in 1989) is a subsidiary of ATESE SA since December 2012.

ΑΤΕSE SA, with the full name “Engineering Commercial Consulting Corporation S.A.”, is a company of 100% Greek interest that was established in May 1998. The company is dynamically active in:

  • Defense & Security Systems,
  • Consulting & High-Tech projects,
  • Domestic industrial participation obligations of our customers,
  • Administration and Management of Offsets Benefits,
  • Private and Public Construction,
  • Real Estate,
  • Management of establishments,
  • Renewable Energy Sources,
  • PPP (Public – Private Partnership) projects

With TERRA SPATIUM SA, ΑΤΕSE SA is strengthening its position in the market of geoinformation and ΙΤ.

TERRA SPATIUM SA’s Quality Management System is approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and is applicable in:

  • Provision of consultancy services and information products delivered fro data acquired by satellite, aircraft and ground observations.
  • Requirements analysis, feasibility studies and associated GIS and Earth Observation services.
  • Management, Operation and maintenance of earth observation centers, ground segments and archives.
  • Provision, supply, installation and maintenance of GEO information, software and systems

TERRA SPATIUM SA has four divisions: Business Development, Production, SW Development, R&D.

Business Development

TERRA SPATIUM SA is the sole distributor of the full range of Astrium GEO-Information Services products and services, including data and services Pleiades, Spot-6/7 and TerraSAR-X Earth observation satellites. Astrium GEO-Information Services, which includes Spot Image inFranceand Infoterra inUnited Kingdom,Germany,SpainandHungary, is a recognised world leader in the geoinformation market by offering sustainable solutions to increase security, protect the environment and better manage natural resources.

TERRA SPATIUM SA is also an official distributor of products and services of e-Geos since 1995.

TERRA SPATIUM SA offers advanced solutions that expand in the whole range of geoinformation, serving various sectors such as environmental and physical surface management, telecommunication, monitoring and management of utility networks, border control, national and regional planning, maritime monitoring, agriculture, defense and even management of natural resources exploitation (oil, natural gas) etc. It develops additional services as well as part of the Copernicus (previously known as 2 / 2 12/07/2013 GMES initiative - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), with a special focus on natural disasters.

The Business Development division has a long-year experience in the promotion and support of the full range of geoinformation products and solutions, including the distribution and support of geographical data and services in the Greek and Cyprian market. Additional, this division offers specialized solutions and software of photogrammetry and remote sensing.


TERRA SPATIUM SA has significant know-how and experience in the following sectors:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • Production and processing of geographical data
  • GIS applications
  • Mapping
  • Cadastre
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Applied Geodesy – GPS

The Production Division deals mainly with the provision of value added services to the above mentioned markets and has got significant experience in projects of photogrammetry, remote sensing and on-demand GIS applications.

SW Development

TERRA SPATIUM SA, in an effort to cover as efficiently as possible the continuously growing needs in the IT sector, has its own SW Development Division. This way, TerraSpatium SA satisfies specialized requirements of various projects, from digital inventories and libraries for institutes till systems for defense and security.

R & D

TERRA SPATIUM SA has its own Research & Demonstration (R & D) Division, aiming in offering the most innovative solutions that will be able to cover the most challenging project requirements. The R & D Division is also active in the execution of research projects or the development of applications and solutions that we access that will be requested by the market in the near future.

Activities in D-BOX 

TERRA SPATIUM SA is WP2: "Scenarios and users needs assessment" leader and also leads task 4.1 "Production and analysis of demining operation /management maps".