The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the third largest research & technology organisation in Europe. TNO's public mission has been laid down in a special law: to support industry and society in general in transforming knowledge into products and processes of economic and societal value. TNO is fully independent. In 2008, TNO's turnover amounted to EUR 600 million. TNO's 4700 employees are active in the following five core areas: TNO Quality of Life, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, TNO Science and Industry, TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, TNO Information and Communication Technology.

TNO Defence, Security and Safety participated in the EU humanitarian demining projects; GEODE, LOTUS, ARC and DELVE.

Activities in D-BOX 

TNO will work in the D-Box project on stand-off detection system for the detecting surface laid/spread cluster munitions (‘bomblets’), based on the discrimination of ‘man-made’ objects from the natural background.