University of Surrey

Since its foundation in London 1891, the University of Surrey has built a reputation for quality and innovation in teaching, research and scholarship. Surrey is well known for many significant contributions, such as its innovative and highly successful satellite technology, which led to one of the UK’s most successful spin-out companies; the quantum well laser now used in all DVD and CD players and recently voted as one of the Top Ten UK scientific discoveries of all time, through to its place as a leading proponent of the performing arts as academic disciplines. 

The University of Surrey is represented in D-BOX with the Surrey Space Centre and the School of Law. 

The Surrey Space Centre (SSC) is the European centre of excellence in cost-effective space engineering. It is associated with the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Surrey. The Surrey

Space Centre is a fully integrated mix of world class academic research teams. Academics, research assistants and postgraduate students within the Centre explore all engineering issues relating to affordable access to space, including remote sensing, advanced mission analysis, payload engineering, on-board computing, communications, propulsion, orbit and attitude determination and control, space radiation effects and space robotics.


The School of Law is part of the Faculty of Management and Law of the University of Surrey, offering a wide range of Qualifying Law Degrees with students at all levels from undergraduate through to PhD. Research activity ranges broadly from areas of international and European law to concepts such as environmental and environmental health law and combating corruption.


Activities in D-BOX 

The main contribution of the Surrey Space Centre to the Demining proposal will be related to algorithm and software development for long range detection using Earth observation satellite images, web design to support the toolbox integration, training and dissemination activities.

The School of Law will collect the information on standards and drafting the CEN Workshop Agreements; host and run a Workshop with the intention of fine tuning the draft Workshop Agreements; Writing up the CEN Workshop Agreements.