e-GEOS is a company constituted by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) (20%) and Telespazio (80%), a Finmeccanica/Thales company. e-GEOS offers a whole range of products and activities in Earth observation, from data acquisition and pre-processing to application solutions for key vertical markets including defence, emergency & security, agriculture & forestry, environmental protection, oil & gas, utilities and industries. e-GEOS is engaged in the remote sensing information processing chain at all levels, namely:

Satellite Data Acquisition and Pre-Processing

It is performed at the various space stations in Italy e-GEOS operates the national remote sensing facility on behalf of ASI and ESA.

Satellite Data Distribution

e-GEOS distributes in Europe high-spatial-resolution remote sensing data supplied by satellites of DigitalGlobe Inc. Therefore e-GEOS distributes a complete range of satellite data both radar and optical with all level of resolution. e-GEOS distributes at world wide level the COSMO SKYMED SAR satellite data. e-GEOS is also the exclusive distributor of GEOEYE-1 VHR optical satellite data in all Europe and North Africa.

Application-oriented Activities

e-GEOS has implemented a Service Centre which provides national and regional offices, as well as the market of consumers, with a wide range of EO-based products and services, tailored on precise monitoring and planning requirements in the field of agricultural, environmental and territorial management and control. e-GEOS is Google's partner for Italy, assuring REALVISTA quality, based on aerial images of Italy at different resolutions, and the potential of the Google Earth Enterprise platform, to produce innovative applications.

Engineering Activities and related Projects

Thanks to a multiyear expertise in space technology and systems, the activity has been diversified into ground stations and systems for the reception, processing and archiving of remote sensing data from EO satellites. Focusing on the exploitation of both optical and SAR sensor data, the Company provides products and services for land and environmental management purposes. Besides, turn-key useroriented Earth monitoring systems are provided, which integrate different technologies (telecommunications, precise positioning, information technology, remote sensing, image processing, networking, etc…) with other source data (satellite and airborne data, ground stations measurements, etc…). Moreover, e-GEOS has been involved, as main player, in the development of the ground segment of the ASI-MoD COSMO-SkyMed programme, based on a constellation of four satellites operating with SAR sensor on board. Finally, e-GEOS is currently deputy of the operations of the User Ground Segment data centre for delivering services related with Earth Observation acquisition and processing of COSMO-SkyMed satellites.

Fp7-Cooperation and GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) activities e-GEOS has a long and consolidated experience in realising and managing national and international research projects. It participates in several research programmes funded by European Commission.eGEOS activities in GMES range from a leading role in the consortia for coordination and management of major projects at a European level, to a role of service provider for a wide variety of operational activities.

Emergency Activities

e-GEOS Emergency Response Capacity is the set of hardware and software resources, human resources and procedures devoted to a rapid and effective response to emergency requests of EO based information, generated by authorized users (e.g. the FP7-GMES projects SAFER and G-MOSAIC, Institutional users such as ASI/DPC) or by e-GEOS proactive activities, with a 24 / 7 on call availability guaranteed ,and aimed at reducing vulnerability to hazards and coping with natural and man made disasters. e-GEOS leverages COSMO-SkyMed capabilities, thanks to the privileged access to the satellite tasking mechanism e-GEOS can easily plan a COSMO-SkyMed acquisition within 24 hours. The product portfolio offered by e-GEOS in the domain of Emergency and Early Warning services in response to different type of disasters, (Hydrogeological risk maps and Flood Emergency Response, Earthquakes and Volcanoes products, Fire Detection and Monitoring products) with different product categories for different phases of the Emergency management cycle Web Mapping Services The WMS allows users to access e-GEOS databases through the web, 24/7. WMS is the data sharing standard in the GIS/WebGIS environments which allows GIS users to integrate their own data with those made available through e-GEOS services. The use of WMS allows the most common applications, both commercial (ESRI, INTERGRAPH, AUTODESK) and open-source (QGIS) to

  • Access the e-GEOS cartographic servers
  • Visualize raster and vector layers

Process data using dedicated software directly within their own working environment.


Activities in D-BOX 

e-GEOS will exploit all its expertise in coordinating GMES initiatives contributing in the user need analysis and in demining operation and main scenarios identification (WP2).Taking profits of the experience gained in G-MOSAIC and SAFER projects, e-GEOS will participate in requirement definition, design and implementation of the project Toolbox (WP4).

Moreover, e-GEOS intends to transfer the knowledge developed in geospatial production and in particular its background in rapid mapping activities in the definition of methodologies and procedures for Mapping and Detection (WP5).e-GEOS will be also involved in training, validation and dissemination activities

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