Landmines and cluster munitions still kill or maim civilians every day in an indiscriminate manner (civilian or military, men, women or children), even long after conflicts are over. For landmines alone, an estimated 110 million live units have been scattered in about 70 countries since 1960. With the current rate of clearance of about 500,000 mines per year and assuming no additional mines are laid from now on, it could still take over two hundred years to find and clear all the landmines around the world.


D-BOX will tackle this burning issue of anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions remaining from armed conflicts. This will be achieved through the development of innovative solutions that will be interfaced and/or integrated in a comprehensive toolbox that is going to provide demining stakeholders the best tools, methods and procedures addressing:

  • Mapping and localization (long distance) of hazardous areas
  • Close-in detection (short distance)
  • Risk management
  • Human, ethical and legal factors (including procedures and best practices)
  • Neutralization of anti-personnal landmines and cluster munitions in an open and civil environment,
  • Protective equipment for operators and population
  • Training solutions for personnel and tools for mine risk population education


Figure 1 D-BOX composition


This “smart” Toolbox could be used during all demining activities (from the preparation of the mission until the elimination of the mines including communication to general public and donors) to help operators and end users chose the most suitable answer, low cost and “easy to use” tools for a specific task during the different steps of the demining activities and adapted for varying scenarios and conditions.


Figure 2 Toolbox concept in the demining community

D-BOX project, starting by an assessment of the state of the art on related on-going-activities and scenario, the requirements for different tools and toolbox will be conducted with a strong involvement of end-users. On this basis, the Demining toolbox and innovative tools will be developed. D-BOX will propose innovative, low cost and easy to use tools. They will covered human and ethical procedures, technologies for mapping and localize landmines and cluster munitions, neutralization, protection, education and training. They will be integrated in the final version of the toolbox. All these parts will lead to a series of demonstrations to evaluate the performances and to the establishment of a roadmap for its development and future implementation.

The project commenced in January 2013 and is due to conclude by the end of 2015.